Make Every Metre Count

Get the most from each drilling campaign

"DRX decreased drilling at El Peñón by 20-40%"

-Yamana Gold - Henry Marsden - VP Exploration

"DRX..Reduce en casi 20% el requerimiento en perforaciones"

-Codelco - 2022 Corporate Annual Report (p90)

"DRX Process allowed the board to approve a plan that Ticked all the boxes"

-Josemaria Minerals - IMDEX Xplore 2022

Why put more focus on optimising Resource Drilling?

Resource Drilling is the single critical path activity that every late stage exploration project and operating mine share. For exploration projects its pre-cash flow. De-risking the resource/reserve volume is the foundation of all mineral evaluation and mine planning activities.

20% average increase in resource conversion efficiency:

Extract more value from your existing drilling budget without compromising estimation accuracy.

Informed investment decisions:

Explore and objectively evaluate multiple drill plan options across various budgets, enabling you to allocate resources for maximum return.

Faster time to market

Streamlined planning and data integration accelerate project timelines, bringing your mineral deposit to market quicker.

Reduced environmental impact

Optimize drilling based on approved platforms and minimize roadwork in sensitive areas.

Future-proof technology

DRX seamlessly integrates with real-time data streams, ensuring continuous optimization throughout your drilling campaign.

Use all your existing data

As more data is being automatically collected geology teams are having difficulty integrating this new data, and hopefuly inferred information into their drilling programs. DRX can combine a large number of sources to maximise the value produced by each drilling program.

DRX used by the following:


Zero Risk Pricing

We don't bill on an hourly basis. Our approach, based on game theory, is to seek a win/win and we believe a consultancy should be able to demonstrate objective value before we start sending invoices.



Is it worth us working together? Using a drill program that you plan to drill and your recent data we can provide you with a scoping study that will highlight how DRX can increase the expected outcome. We do this while respecting your QP/CP requirements.



All drill programs are great until you analyse the first hole - then things change. We stick with you during the drilling and DRX updates the drilling program to react to new data from the new drillholes.



The goal of all DRX engagements is to get the project/geology team to trust the DRX outcomes to make better decisions. This trust translates in a shift in mindset with respect to resource drilling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Objectivity act as project QP/CP?

Objectivity does not take on the QP/CP role. Being a competent or qualified person requires explicit knowledge of the type of deposit that is being mined, as DRX works across a wide range of deposits, requiring a very wide range of qualified skill and competence, we rely on the guidance provided by the client's QP/CP.

Q. How do I know that drilling a DRX plan will yield the results you state?

Meeting volumetric sampling requirements, that meet QP/CP requirements, is independant of the grade found in the ground. We will ensure that DRX generated plans meet all of the design constraints that you specify and as volumetric sampling is a calculation you will be able to verify the expected results, and compare to your baseline, prior to drilling the program.

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