Think you are drilling too much

you probably are

Clear value proposal

20% better volumetric sampling for resource convertion

Objectivity uses its DRX AI based resource optimiser to maximise the value of resource drilling programs.

Without changing the Qualified/Competent person's sampling requirements DRX will increase the efficiency of your resource drilling.   Objectivity works with your project teams to identify the value drivers and to increase drilling conversion efficiency.

DRX, across a range of minerals, for both surface and underground drilling, has a 90% probability of increasing conversion efficiency by more than 20%.   This results in either more tons being de-risked or less drilling costs and reduced project time.

Maximizing infill drilling's value

Infill drilling is an integral part of every exploration project and mining extraction activity.   Typically infill drilling is done to meet a sampling requirement that will allow the classification and eventual estimation of a mineral value.   

Drill to eliminate that which you don't know, 

not to confirm what you believe

Objectivity's DRX drilling optimization system maximises the amount of information collected during resource drilling campaigns.

While respecting your qualified/competent person's sampling requirements we can decrease the amount of drilling to de-risk a resource