Open Pit - 1/3 less drilling - 47% faster conversion rate

Royal Nickel Corporation, interested in evaluating emerging technologies, applied DRX to their Dumont open pit project. The goal of the assessment was to determine if DRX could improve the conversion efficiency of a volume of ground from the indicated to the measured category

Of particular interest to the company was DRX's capability of producing a number of drilling plans based on varying budgets. Each of the drilling plans had to meet all project constraints while maximizing the indicated to measured conversion rates.

Creating a number of valid options enables the company to select the appropriate plan that best aligns with its strategic goals and budgets.

When compared to the manual layout, the DRX solutions provide a means of drastically improving conversion rates. This increase in resource conversion efficiency has the potential to save money but more importantly it saves time, both in drilling and setup. The DRX-3 solution not only decreases the total number of drillholes, but also improves drilling times.

If environmental footprint has to be reduced, or if the cost of drilling setups are expensive, then DRX can find solutions that trade off metres drilled for fewer setups. The DRX-2 solution (not shown) decreases the drilling campaigns' footprint by eliminating 22 drill setups.

Royal Nickel Corporation has released the case study available here: RNC Dumont Property DRX case study