About us

Objectivity provides mineral industry professionals with decision support capabilities.

Objectivity is a data analytics consultancy using simulation and data mining to develop niche products and services addressing challenges in exploration/MineEx geology, mine ventilation financial analytics, 4D visualization software and large scale visualization and collaboration systems.

We evolved from providing the design and implementation of large scale visualization systems, and research associated to understanding how human's work with complex data.

The visualization systems were used for the analysis of complex geological and engineering data sets. These datasets included both 3 dimensional and 4 dimensional (time varying data).

When using these systems it became quickly apparent that the existing software was great for process driven mine design, but that there was a gap between the generation of data and the acquisition of knowledge and development of know-how.

We fundamentally believe that teams of individuals have incredible capabilities to synthesize information into knowledge and that our role is to provide tools that make this process easier. To this end we use advanced data mining techniques to identify niche value drivers and then develop software tools to help make better decisions

These tools are not designed to be black boxes but rather to complement the thinking and expert analytical process by providing a means of generating options, respecting constraints and creating clear visualizations of KPIs to allow decisions to be made. This is accomplished by incorporating innovative in-house developed algorithms within specialized services.